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Wednesday, November 29, 2017



Kresge Foundation International Center, Third Floor
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA

HAY(NA)KU 15-Year Anniversary Celebration @ San Francisco Public Library
Filipino American Center/Kresge Foundation International Center

Aug.-Oct./Nov. 2018: "Words With A View" Exhibition at the Kresge Foundation International Center, Third Floor
San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA

Sept. 8, 2018: Hay(na)ku Poetry Reading and Celebration with Birthday Cakes!
Saturday, September 8, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room A/B
Lower Level
San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


Words@Manoa, University of Hawai'i, Oct. 19, 2017

San Francisco, Oct. 14, 2017

San Francisco Public Library, Oct. 7, 2017

Leny's Casa, Santa Rosa, Sept. 17, 2017

May14, 2017

April 20-23, 2017

April 19, 2007

April 14, 2017

April 5, 2017

Jan. 29, 2017

Oct. 29, 2016

Oct. 22, 2016

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May 5, 2016

April 27, 2016
April 16, 2017

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Oct. 2-4, 2015

Sept. 25, 2015

May 17, 2015

April 2015

April 19, 2015

Nov. 9, 2014

November 2014

Sept. 27, 2014

May 31, 2014

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


HAY(NA)KU 15-Year Anniversary Celebration 

San Francisco Public Library Filipino American Center
Philippine American Writers & Artists (PAWA)

The hay(na)ku is turning 15 years old in 2018! You are invited to its birthday celebrations which will include a new anthology, an exhibition, and a poetry reading!

Anthology of hay(na)ku poems by poets from around the world
Editor: Eileen R. Tabios
Introduction by Abraham Ignacio
Poets can submit hay(na)ku poems -- including visual and non-English poetry -- until Feb. 28, 2018. More information is at the Submission Call.

Aug.-Oct.Nov. 2018: "Words With A View" Exhibition
Venue: Kresge Foundation International Center
Third Floor
San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Sept. 8, 2018: Hay(na)ku Poetry Reading and Celebration 
--with Birthday Cakes, Bubbly and Other Yummies!
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room A/B
Lower Level
San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Hay(na)ku Installation
Venue: Filipino American Center, San Francisco Public Library, Third Floor
An installation of framed hay(na)ku by Eileen R. Tabios, Vince Gotera, Aileen Ibardaloza-Cassinetto, and two poets chosen from the HAY(NA)KU 15 anthology. Designer: Cecilia Ibardaloza

More information to Come.

(The first three hay(na)ku anthologies)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


"Eileen Tabios: A Literary Force"

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"The Force..."--just a Pinoy Pun on the generous title of an exhibit on some of my books over at the San Francisco Public Library's International Center (3rd floor, 100 Larkin Street, San Francisco). The title is courtesy of the exhibit's generous curator who deserves to receive plaudits, not give them: Abraham "Abe" Ignacio. Since about four months ago, Abe has served as Librarian of the SFPL's Filipino American Center. I'm honored, I'm blessed, and I'm grateful. Maraming Salamat, Abe!  Abe is a historian and noted author as well, having released the important The Forbidden Book: The Philippine-American War (co-authored with Helen Toribio, Enrique de la Cruz and Jorge Emmanuel).

Here are photos of the exhibit which also reminds me to say Thank You to my book publishers whose faith I appreciate in publishing me. Featured in the exhibit are publications released through Editions du Cygne (France), Knives Forks and Spoons Press (U.K.), Black Radish BooksTheenk BooksOtoliths, and a few each by Paloma Press and Moria Books/Locofo. Thank you Patrice, Daniel, Irene, Alec, Marthe, Steve, Mark, Aileen and Bill.

Also below are photos of various Filipino- and Filipino-American titles displayed and also curated by Abe. It is great to be surrounded, to be contextualized among, these wonderful works by what is still one of the more overlooked groups within the literary world: Filipino English-language writings.

(Abe Ignacio)

In the marvelous company of:

Thursday, October 19, 2017


2017-2018 The Words @ Mānoa at the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa

Book Launch: Love In A Time of Belligerence
Oct. 19, 3:00-4:30 p.m. 

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Shawna Ryan, novelist and Director of Creative Writing

Susan Schultz, who provided Introduction

Amalia Bueno, Jordan Luz and Dr. Kim Compac

Tiare Picard and Susan Schultz

Following the launch, some attendees proceeded to a dinner sponsored by UofH's English Department:

Tiimothy Dyke and Ruth Hsu

Michelle Cruz Skinner